The Most Intelligent Person. Ever… Artificial & Un-Artificial Intelligence

Read this interesting book about fascinating emerging concepts of our times such as quantum computing, artificial intelligence, super intelligence, morals & ethics for machines….

“Grail Society’s goal is to acknowledge the most intelligent person ever on Earth, nicknamed “Thoth”. Since it is estimated that a hundred billion of the species Homo sapiens have lived until now, the ideal admission level is a score on an IQ test reached by one in a hundred billion persons. Even defining the selection criterion as “extremely rare” is not correct as there’s only and only one, The Genius, in the whole history of humanity and no other. 

We are living in extraordinary times. Artificial intelligence is emerging with a roar and super-intelligence is getting closer to being a reality. What if during these times there also was a race to find the super intelligent person. Would the contest to find “The most intelligent person ever” lead to breakthroughs in science, technology, and social sciences as well? What would be the rules of such a contest? The story is a thriller about the road to super-intelligence, artificial and un-artificial. 

The IQX contest takes us through a roller coaster rider through real challenging problems of our times. The reader learns about quantum computing, machine learning, artificial intelligence, moral & ethics for super intelligent machines and many other important topics of our times.”